Self-Published Books Are The Only Way To Benefit From The Reading Business

Four self-published publishing guides to talk to all starting self-published authors at all levels. They are not exhaustive how-to books, there are better ones for that. This series is instead about attitude and business sense. It s also about avoiding the common traps along your way to success. The four books in this series are:

Self-Publisher’s Apprentice by Sue Tompkins, published in 2021 Self-Publishers need not be jaded about publishing because there are ways to reach potential authors with an emphasis on quality self-published books. The Self-Publisher’s Apprentice urges authors to focus on building a positive image as a publishing professional. This is done by publishing on quality publishing houses and having published works picked up for publication and being discovered. The author of the book, Sue Tompkins, shares with authors the number one secret to being published by a publishing house. Her advice and recommendations are in continuous updates as she gives first hand accounts of how she has made it big as a publishing professional.

Making Cold Hard Cash by John C. Maxwell is the second of the self-published publishing guides. He offers up tips for authors who are planning to make it big in this business. This is the third of a five part series on self-publishing. If you want to know what is the best type of paper to use, how to develop an eye for colors and themes, or if you should hire a designer for your book, then this is the book for you. There are also other self-published books that are focused on these topics, and this series serves as a jumping off point.

Then there is Managing Your Writer’s Life by Joanna Martine Woolfolk. This is a guide to finding jobs and working with editors. It talks about ways to get your foot in the door, and also gives suggestions about the best way to present yourself when you are looking for work. These self-published self-help books offer practical advice on building your business from home, even when you are working on a small project. This is one of the best self-published guides to be published by a major house.

The fifth in the series, Growing Up Grownups, was written by Sue Tompkins and updated editions are available now. Author Sue Tompkins started publishing articles about parenting and growing up in the early 1980s. Self-publishing these guides has been a rewarding experience for Sue Tompkins as she has reached many of her goal and now continues to grow each year. New and updated editions of these books will continue to be available as Sue Tompkins continues to reach her goal of being published and becoming known as an author and speaker.

Of the above books only the first two, Great-Uncle by Sue Tompkins and Great-Uncle II by Sue Tompkins II, have reached the goal of having them published as hard copy books. At this time there is still time to go back on track and make more copies of Great-Uncle by Sue Tompkins and sell them to interested parties. If you have been publishing eBooks and written guides or other material as a supplement to your regular writing, it is still time to move your writing to hard format. The more success you have in selling more material, the more you will benefit from making your eBook available as a hard copy version. Selling eBooks is the only way you will ever realize any real financial freedom for you and your family.