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Columbia International Publishing (CIP), located in the US, is a leading organization that delivers high-quality original research to the world. CIP provides a platform for readers, authors, editors, and peer reviewers to promote scientific research. The CIP team consists of professors, scientists, engineers, enterprise founders, business management experts, and talent staff. International support provided to CIP by companies and universities guarantees rapid, barrier-free delivery of research.

In order to promote scientific research, CIP is putting forward its own definition of Open Access, which entails a great deal more than “infinite readership,” as Open Access is commonly described. For a better understanding of CIP, please read CIP’s mission, Why Open Access, the unique definition of CIP’s Open Access, 7 reasons to publish on CIP and 3 reasons to work with CIP. 

All submitted manuscripts are subject to rigorous peer review. Acceptance of a submission is solely based on recommendations by voluntary editors and peer reviewers. If you are interested in being a CIP editor or peer reviewer, please contact us. All papers and books will be published online shortly after their acceptance. 


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